7 MacBook Myths Debunked

Before buying each and every item we always enquire about the details of the product. And as far MacBook is concerned, though they are selling in record numbers there is still a lot of widespread misinformation which is spread all around the market about them. Here we discuss some of the common myths that surround MacBook –

MacBooks are not compatible with Microsoft Office – People may sometimes need to work with Microsoft office Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. But the fact is that MacBook can indeed run these programs. Microsoft now-a-days produces a Mac version of Office which makes MacBook totally compatible with Microsoft office.

Macbooks don’t have lot of software which runs smoothly on them - When you buy a MacBook it will always come pre-loaded with lots of more quality applications than any Windows computer.

Macs are much more expensive than all other personal computers - When you just compare the prices of the items there is a problem that the true value of each computer is not considered. When it comes to apple you always get what you pay for. Macbooks are always built to last out of tough and durable materials MacBooks are more energy efficient as compared to other computers and always tend to have higher quality components.

Macbooks don’t have the potential to be expanded or upgraded - The things you can upgrade on a Dell or HP laptop is the RAM and hard drive which can be easily upgraded on MacBooks and iMacs also. There is also no need to buy any special Apple memory or drives as all the standard brands work and MacBook Support offers you all the help to do so.

MacBooks are difficult to operate – The best part about MacBook is that it is much easier to learn and handle as compared to Windows. For people using a computer for the first time it wil work just the way you expect it to.

MacBook does not support many websites – Most websites will open either in Safari or Firefox. If not, MacBook also Internet Explorer which is available when you run Windows on your Mac.

Macs are used only by Artists and Students – The main reason students and artists preferMacbookis because they are high quality machines which is organized to help them work better. But the fact is everyone wants these and thus everyone would enjoy working on MacBook.

We at MacBook Support UK are here to help to clear all the misconceptions which surround the MacBook. Always feel free to contact MacBook UK before your next purchase of a pc for aid and assistance.

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