How to Check Your MacBook Compatibilities?

Every new user is concerned about the compatibility of their devices, whether they will support all the functions and applications or not. With macOS, there is no reason to be concerned. You can move all the information which is useful to you from your old PC to your new Mac. One of the ways to do this is to use the built-in Windows-to-Mac migration in macOS which automatically transfers your documents, music, contacts, calendars and email accounts and adds them to the concerned applications and folder in the new MacBook very conveniently. We at MacBook technical support UK help to get to know some of the basic features of your MacBook, some which are-

Check the Mac for RAM Type & Memory Slot Details – One of the quickestways to know about RAM details of a MacBook is to click on the “About This Mac” option. This will help you to identify the memory module type and speed and also how many RAM slots there are present on your MacBook In addition it will also provide details about which slots are in use.

Use MacTracker - MacTrackerwhich is a free app, is excellent in providing tons of hardware details ofalmost every Apple product which has ever been released, including Macs. Most convenient part about this app is that it runs on both iOS and OS X. The iOS version is an excellent app which can be used by the technical Mac users who almost most of the times like to perform hardware upgrades on their own without any help or support and both the desktop and mobile versions of this appprovide large amounts of information about hardware.

Check Apple Web Support - You can always contact Apple’s web support, which provides large amounts of knowledge which is basedon technical details of each and every Mac model. For this the following steps need to be done-

  • First visit the Apple Support knowledge base for Macs and select your general MacBook model from the list
  • Choose the basic “Tech Specs” and define the precise model number and year of production
  • Search for all the basic details of the model easily

Apple’s web support is very easy to use also as it’s available on the web and is accessible from almost all the devices.

We at MacBook pro support UK provide all the necessary details and specification which helps you to know about the compatibility of your favorite MacBook. Also do contact us at our MacBook support UK number +44-2038-687821 for further assistance.

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